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Thanks to Viking666 (East: e8rw9q, West: izyvhf) for providing this longer version of the guide he has often broadcast in-game, including a little input from the 4th Horseman.


Allies are important in this game, with each level you are allowed 5 more allies in battle. Each ally commands up to 6 units. The simple formula for knowing the maximum units you can bring into battle is:

Level x5 (allies per level ) x6 (Units per ally)

or simply: Level x30

This is why it is so important to get allies. By level 25 you need 125 allies which will allow you 750 units in battle. Without those 125 allies you will not be at full strength in battle and at a disadvantage. To get allies watch the news feed. There your allies will broadcast other ally’s codes. Document both your ally’s codes and the codes they broadcast. Now click on Alliance and under Recruit invite the codes your allies have broadcast. After that, click beside recruit on alliance and broadcast the codes of your allies. Be sure to add your own code so they know who is broadcasting. They will return the favor, be sure of it. Self-Broadcasting is highly frowned on, do not broadcast just your code, you will lose more allies than you gain. If you become an active code broadcaster then your allies will repay you by broadcasting your code constantly and you will gain 5-20 allies per day!


As stated, with the maximum allies for your level, you are allowed level x 30 units in battle (Level x 5 Allies x 6 Units). Building a good army is important. Since you are limited by the maximum number of units, it’s best to make those units count. Fortunately, the game uses the best attack units you have when attacking and the best defense units when defending. The true cost of a unit isn’t the purchase price, but the hourly upkeep. Every era has units that are great investments and units that are terrible investments. Pay attention to the ratio between strength and upkeep. The poster-child for this is the Elipton Cannon, with an upkeep of 100K per hour. If you have some and you’re below level 150, you should sell them IMMEDIATELY! The attack strength might be great, but every one of those E-Cannons is costing you 2.4 Million per day. It’s not even close to being worth it. Build your army based on your play style. If you’re an attack player then you will want strong attack units. If you’re a defense player then you should build based on defense. Some units are great middle ground (offense and defense) and sometimes it’s worth it to run a dual army with maximum units of both types.


Income is everything in this game. The early game is the best time to focus on building income. To define how important income is, consider this: At level 80 the fantastic unit Battleship is available. With a price tag of 800,000 gold and an upkeep of 1,200 per hour, a full army will cost: Level 80 x 5 allies x 6 units = 2,400 total units, costing 1,920,000,000 gold with an upkeep of 2,880,000 gold per hour! If your income is not up to par then you will start to struggle to be the strongest. Some base goals for minimum gross income is 4 mil-per-hour by level 50 and 10mph by level 100. Go slow and focus on income goals. Income is the key to being the strongest. The more income you have the better your army can be.


Buildings are important, despite the rising costs. There is no limit to how many attack and defense buildings you can have and there is no upkeep. Buildings increase in cost by 10% of original purchase price with each new building (of the same type) you purchase. See the building matrix for good buying techniques. The attack building first becomes important at level 37 when the unit Ship of The Line becomes available. It has the highest attack and defense for the next few levels with an attack of 45 and a defense of 60. Seeing as it is stronger in defense than attack it will leave you struggling to win against somebody who has a matching full army of SOTL. Full army of SOTL at level 37 (x30) is 49,950 attack and 66,600 defense, meaning that its defense is 16,650 points stronger. This is where attack buildings come into play. If you have 17,000 points in attack buildings then you will win. It never hurts to have defense buildings either.

Experience / LevelingEdit

The greatest enemy in the game isn't the opponent stealing your money while you sleep at night. The real enemy is experience points. Experience is what pushes you to the next level. Leveling up sounds like a good thing, but the strength of your enemies will increase, almost exponentially, with every level. You should set goals for income and military strength before allowing yourself to cross over to the next level. If you’re getting close but haven’t met your goals, stop attacking and let your hourly income get you there. THEN continue with attacking and level up.


Have a minimum payout for continuing attacks. At Level 20 you should only continue attacking someone if you get 400K or more with each hit. By level 40 it should be 1mil, and by level 80, 2 Mil per attack. Make a list of rich targets and poor ones so you can keep track. Remember that successful attacks result in more experience, which propels you to higher levels, ready or not. Failed attacks may not be fun, but at least you don't get experience points for them. So the worst possible outcome of an attack is not losing, but winning and getting zero gold.

Skill PointsEdit

Keep your health low and spirit high! You can easily go to the hospital and refill health with gold but spirit takes hero points to refill quickly. Another reason for low health is if somebody is farming you while you sleep they only get a few hits before you are ‘restoring health’ and untouchable. DO NOT waste skill points on attack and defense. They are not multipliers. They count only as one unit - you. Save the skill points for spirit. You can also use them on energy (used for science). Sometimes it’s worth it to save skill points for later use. Try not to do science missions in the low levels because building income is far more important than the experience points you will get. Having high energy and doing missions is reserved for leveling fast in the upper levels. I can't stress enough how important income is! A good ratio to setup is energy 320, health 100 and spirit 30.

Hero PointsEdit

Some choose to not buy hero points. You can still be very strong without but it may take a little longer. If you choose to buy hero points then the best deal is the 2000 points deal. In the early game it is advisable to first get all the heroes. If you’re not into doing the missions and instead focus on attacking and growing income then avoid the classic heroes. Get the entire collection of ancient heroes for +5% attack and defense, then the entire collection of industrial heroes for +10% income(this is a must have) then the entire collection of modern heroes for another +10% defense. At this point you will still have 200 hero points left over for things like flag changes or name changes or buildings. Grab those 36 heroes first. The heroes attack and defense values also make great additions to your army. The ancient heroes not so much, but they make up for it with the +5% to attack and defense.

Game EtiquetteEdit

Yes, there is an etiquette!

A) The most important rule is never drop an ally to attack them without just cause.

B) Never attack from comments - It is ok to go into battle history and attack from there, but not comments

C) You can attack enemies as much as you like but if they ask for mercy and request alliance then mercy must be given (alliance is optional).

D) Do not self-broadcast - You can broadcast your allies and add your code at the end. The favor will be returned. You will see.

E) Be aware there are young players out there. So be mindful of your language while you’re broadcasting.

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